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I’m starting a Keto diet plan today.
Starting with my Keto Coffee to jump start my fat burning.
I’m getting my second shipment today and if anyone wants to try this let me know today! PM me. It completely suppressed my appetite. And I am ready to kick start some major fat loss. Let’s do this together!


And if I screw up, I have my Fat Fighters to absorb some of the carbs!

fat fighter

Contact me today if you are ready to make a change!

I can make a fist #itworks #thermofit #arthritis #psoriasis #autoimmune

I have been taking Relief from It Works! and I have had really good results.

I have autoimmune arthritis and I have noticed significant pain relief.

So I ordered something else from them called Thermofit. I was looking to lose more weight, improve my health and get more energy.

This shocked me.


I took one tablet. I felt so good. I seriously could not believe it. A burst of energy. It wiped away my brain fog. And my fingers….MY FINGERS! I got control over my pinky finger!

For months when I would make a fist my little pinky would stay up in the air. It would not go down. I would take my other hand and force it down to touch my palm.

Now it is touching all by itself. I’m convinced it is all because of the ingredient Capsicum.

What’s baffling to me is I was always told to avoid nightshade vegetables, like peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. Yet this ingredient in peppers, the capsaicin, is anti-inflammatory. And you know what else? For the few years I was psoriasis free, I ate potatoes like every day!

So what’s the moral of the story? Every one is different. Try everything! See what works for you. For me, Thermofit from It Works! works!!!!

Here’s to me making a fist in the air.




Addicted to Comfort? #lifecoaching

Do you chase comfort like a drug?

Do you seek comfort over growth? Ease over accomplishment?

Wanting to feel comforted can be addicting. I was addicted to comfort. I thought that was the secret to happiness; to feel safe, sheltered and protected. I tried to make everything in my life easy. I arranged a short commute to work, I limited activities, and championed saying “no” to people. I  thought that made me a strong boundary setter.

I didn’t want too much on my plate. I wanted to reduce stress. But what I was doing was hiding.

I was uneasy. I sought ease, yet it was out of reach. I obsessed over comfort, but was uncomfortable. I was not happy. Why was I not happy? Because I was ignoring my inner voice, my intuition and my soul’s constant nudging. Do you feel something missing in your life? Is ease and comfort just out of your reach? Do you feel that you are not living up to your potential?

I wasn’t living to my soul’s potential. Hiding away and shrinking from challenges does not help you grow. You can ask, why do you want to grow? Because your soul craves it. Because bravery is rewarded. I know this from experience.

Do something that scares you each day. Accept a challenge. Say YES instead of no. Do the opposite of what you usually do. The world opens up to us when we do these things. New people walk into your life. New opportunities appear. And you grow. And you discover what it means to really live life from a place of passion instead of a place of fear.

There’s more to this life than you know, and you will never know if you keep yourself small. When you decide to take a leap of faith and live for you and your inner self, the wonders of life will be revealed to you. And it is nothing short of magic. Life is amazing when you embrace it and embrace the inner you.