Centering Techniques #centeringtechniques

• Deep breathing
• Stretching – My favorite is the Forward Fold
• Focused Attention – Putting together a puzzle, coloring books, or whatever your hobby may be.
• Releasing resistance
• Releasing muscle tension – imagine this visually as you stretch your body
• Live in the now, in the present moment
• Develop your awareness – So you know when your out of center and can take steps to get back to center
• Tadasana – Mountain Pose – Stand up straight but not rigid with your arms to your side. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and stand tall, imagine the top of your head touching heaven and your feet being firmly rooted in the Earth.
• Place your feet on the ground. Move your awareness to the bottom of your feet. Notice all of the sensations there.
• Get on the floor and stretch your whole body out, let out a huge sigh and let all of the tension out in your exhale
• Spinal Twists – You are a sponge, wring out the stress!

Freedom from the Chains of Blondage #blonde #redhead #confidence #value #lifecoaching #hair #selfworth #truth


Did you ever think you HAD to be something? To fit the bill of an ideal?

I always felt it necessary to be blonde. As if it gave me something a little extra special. And I could always use it justify victimhood. “I don’t get respect because I am a short blonde woman.”

Well I have no excuse now. I dyed it red. Will I get respect?

The truth is; respect is not garnered by hair color. I may get a superficial judgment at first glance, but when I open up my mouth and speak from my heart, that will be the true measure of who I am.

I do not know if I will ever go back to blonde. I thought it kept me young, kept me attractive, kept me valuable, kept me valid.

The truth is that I define my own value in the world. I deem myself to be of high value. I honor and respect myself, therefore others will respect me. And I choose to show up with confidence, no matter what color is emanating from my skull cap.

Is there something you do that may be holding you back? Are you trying to live up to an ideal that just doesn’t “fit” you or work for you anymore? Do some soul searching. Are you trying to be something you are not, or something that doesn’t resonate with you anymore?

Take that leap. Dye your hair. Run that 5k. Do something for yourself, not for anybody else.