Mindful Monday

What intention have you set for the week?

It’s Monday and a start to a fruitful week.

Set an intention. What do you want to accomplish this week?

What first step did you take today to get to your goal?

Try this:

By Friday of this week I would like to: ________________________________

Examples: Lose 1 pound, hit the gym 3 times, began Chapter 1 in my book, have that difficult conversation (with my boss, spouse, friend), Have more fun, be more present, eat healthier…What’s yours?

Mine is Lose a Pound

Choose your goal _______________________________

Take your first step TODAY – Monday.

Babystep it. Start NOW.

What did I do? 30 mins on the spin bike. What did you do?

Let me know!

Reshape your belief system

A belief system is malleable.



We can reshape what we believe – into something that supports and encourages success.

(You also get to define what success is for you. You don’t have to follow others definitions of success.)

We ARE influenced by outside purposes, but we can RESHAPE!


You have more power than you think.

Oh wait, why would you want to change your beliefs?

Because some of them HOLD YOU BACK.

In Life Coaching, we call them LIMITING BELEIFS. Do you know what your limiting beliefs are? Do you want to find out?

I can help you. Shoot me an email: susanlifecoaching@gmail.com




Become a Leader in Life

Are you the best leader you should be? Could you be better?
The Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment is an extremely VALUABLE assessment tool that will give you a snapshot of which energy levels you access on a regular basis and also during a stress reaction.
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