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Resilience Life Coaching

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

Each session is One Hour over the phone. I have many packages and options to suit your needs.

Coaching is a partnership.

I am 100% focused on you and your success.

My life coaching sessions help you navigate through life’s challenges by reaffirming your value in yourself. They are 100% confidential.

Navigation through challenges

Let’s talk about self-esteem. In order to successfully function in life, having a solid moderate to high level of self-esteem is imperative. Your self-image and vision of yourself can and will go through many highs and lows. What is important is consistency of holding yourself in high regard, knowing that you are valuable, and knowing that your self-worth does not falter because of circumstances or in comparison of others.

self esteem umbrella.png

I like to think of self-esteem as an umbrella that protects you from troublesome thoughts, heavy emotions and fear. It’s not a wall, it doesn’t shield you completely, but it softens the heaviest of storms, and gives you a moment to forgive and accept your humanness, to choose an action wisely, all the while staying in line with your values and speaking from your truth.

Awareness is the first step, then we explore your beliefs and values. The next step is for you to take Radical Responsibility and realize your inner power for change.

Then we take action, create goals, begin transitions or simply gain fresh perspectives.

The final step toward Self-esteem building is growing and maintaining confidence.

Storms will happen, that is a certainty. Are you equipped with the right tools to not only survive, but to flourish?

Sometimes it may be hard to remember your worth, especially in the midst of abuse, comparison and being bombarded with images from the media about size, weight and financial ideals.

Let me tell you some simple truths. You will have loss. You will have ups and downs. Money comes and goes. Remaining balanced during times of challenges is difficult, and that is why a solid support system is so incredibly valuable.

My coaching programs will help you understand your immense value in this world. I will work with you through challenges and provide a safe space for you to express yourself in a completely judgment free zone and I will point out your gifts, and together, we will formulate a plan of action to get you were you desire to be.

Coaching topics we cover:

Goal Coaching, Energy Block Coaching, Resilience Coaching, Self-Esteem Coaching, Confidence Coaching, Anxiety Coaching, Fear Coaching

Fear, Anxiety and Overwhelm

Coaching will help you if you suffer with fear and anxiety. We have tools to introduce healthy habits to your mind that will allow you to operate with ease rather than with fear and anxiety. If you have overwhelm, we will get you clear on what you want, and help you formulate strategies to focus on your needs and wants, and filter out the unwanted.

We could be adults, we can be successful in our careers, we can be happy in most parts of our life but still experience anxiety, fear and overwhelm. We could be wanting something different out of life. Something could just feel “off”. We are adults but yet we still struggle with feeling confident. We still feel not good enough. Coaching gives you clarity, we practice exercising confidence, we help you to feel more secure in your own self. We set goals and watch as your accomplishments grow. You always have a safe place to go to when you’re coached by me. You will always have someone in your corner, you will always have someone who’s rooting for you and who could point out the amazing things about you that you forget sometimes. You know, all of those God-given gifts that you bring to the world. If you need a reminder of Who You Are I’m going to help you.

We take a deep dive into:

  • who you are
  • what you stand for
  • what you don’t stand for

You will:

  • Learn your Values and your Non-negotiables
  • Talk to Someone you can Trust in a Judgement-free Zone
  • Create Realistic Goals
  • Stand in Your Own Power and get used to it

Does your sense of inner power ever falter in the face of others?

Life Coaching is a journey of self-discovery, and a great place for you to just be you.

Coaching by Susan Polacheck, CPC, ELI-MP


I am a Certified Professional Coach from iPEC, the International Coach Federation (IFC)-accredited coach training school.

CPC Logo

I have over 400 hours in Life Coaching training and practice.

I am Certified in Life Coaching from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA)

I am an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)


I am also trained in over 200 hours of Classic Hatha Yoga where I learned the benefits of Insight Meditation

Self Power CoachTM

Do you always communicate what you mean and how you feel?

Do you know how to stand in your own power in the face of others?

How do you feel about your own worth and value?

Do you speak up for yourself?

I help people locate their inner power and so they may live in the truth of who they are and have a fulfilling and peaceful life because they value themselves, they are not afraid to speak up and they trust themselves. 

You are of immense and immeasurable value.

The things that hurt and challenge you actually make you stronger.

The Universe works to support you and build you into a masterful being. Take ownership of this – take steps toward claiming your power.

You don’t need to be a victim of your circumstances.


With my life coaching program you will:

  • Realize your high value
  • Recognize your skills
  • Claim your power
  • Set yourself up for success
  • Embrace yourself as an empowered being
  • Stand in Your Own Power

I used to feel like a victim, but in fact, I was just in training to become resilient and confident.

Your experiences are your education – use them for strength.

Because I always read my books on a log in the middle of winter 🙂

Resilience Life Coaching assists you in dealing with life’s challenges and helps build your confidence muscle. It strengthens your sense of self-worth.

My life coaching program is highly personalized for your own individual transitions.

During coaching with me, you will identify your strengths and I will offer you fresh perspectives.

You will gain Clarity and Focus.

Happiness isn’t just meant for other people

A coaching commitment between you and I is a partnership and it’s an investment in you.

We will plan for your success and you will see progress from week to week, and month to month.




The true you is perfect in it’s own way.

Celebrate Your Life.

Life can be Muddy


Life can get dark. The Universe provides interactions and events in your life for you to grow. Challenges are opportunities to open you up, to shed another layer of mud off of you and for you to grow toward the light.

stop doubting.


It is your time to shine.sun2


You Are Not Alone